I’m Being Cancelled! Update 5

Love this quote from Guillermo Gomez Pena:

Do performance artists have a job? Our job may be to open up a utopian/dystopian space, a demilitarised zone in which radical behaviour and progressive thought are allowed to the place event if only for the duration of the piece.

Temporary forms and modes of thinking and behaving are antithetical to the Enlightenement paradigm. Ideas in this parapdigm for liberals and the right are eternal, foundational, upon which all spheres of human discourse are understood. Temporal politics is radical for it’s resistance to the discursive field of meaning. Live art works against doctrine and always works to disrupt ideas that block the possibilities of transgression.

Thinking at the borders:

In this imaginary zone, both artists and audience members are given permisson to assume multiple and ever-changing positionalities and identities. In this border zone, the distance betweeen us and them, self and other, art and life become blurry and unspecific even if only for the duration of the piece. We do not look for answers. We merely raise impertient questions. Our job may be to open the Pandora’s box of our times, smack in the middle of the gallery, the theatre, the street or in front of video cameras and let the demons loose. Others who are better trained – the activists and the academics – will have to deal with them, fight them, domesticate them, or attempt to explain them’

Thinking as a way of releasing demons for others to fight. To produce new humans in sounds and images and let others attempt and fail to configure this human into the old tapestry.