Gaming Democracy Webinars

I’m starting a new project with Tom Drayton at UEL. Gaming Democracy: Participatory Performance Strategies for Countering Far-Right Politics is investigating how online communities and ‘game-play’ processes are weaponised by fascist and white supremacists groups to radicalise, recruit and terrorise. We’re interested in how participatory performance – immersive theatre, one-to-one, LARPs, audio walks, new media interactivity – can make a critical intervention in this field. Not only to counter the politics of hate, but to experiment with new forms of democratic participation cognizant with digital culture.

The project is launching as a webinar series. The panels have been created to engender interdisciplinary dialogues across the fields of theatre, political science, criminology, and computer game design. The webinars are free to attend. Registration link below:



Gaming Democracy: Participatory Performance Strategies for Counteracting Far-Right Politics